Walking with Sebald

In this two-part programme Patrick Bernard follows in the footsteps of W. G. Sebald and his eponymous character Austerlitz as he explores the East End of London with poet Stephen Watts (a friend of ‘Max’ Sebald who accompanied him on many of his walks). They are joined by Nadia Valman and David Anderson from Queen Mary University of London as they visit many of the locations in the novel to uncover the layers of history hidden beneath the surface of the city and Sebald’s text. In the first episode Patrick and his guests walk from Exchange Square behind Liverpool Street Station – where Austerlitz first arrives to London on the Kindertransport – to Brick Lane where Stephen reads a poem dedicated to Altab Ali and Bill Fishman. Sound recorded by Milo Thesiger-Meacham and photography by Karen Lacey-Holder.

In this episode Patrick and his guests walk from Alderney Road – where Austerlitz lives in the novel and also home to the oldest Ashkenazi Jewish cemetery in the UK – to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park behind St. Clement’s Hospital where Sebald’s character spends a long period of recovery. Thanks to Leonard Shear of the United Synagogue.